Leslie R. Farkas


About Us

It all started with a single jump!


Dropzone owner Leslie R. Farkas signed up for a tandem skydive excursion and instantly, he was hooked. He gave up a beautiful condo in downtown Toronto for a tent on a Cookstown airfield, devoting all of his time and energy to the sport of skydiving.


After many years of jumping professionally, he formed Skydive Wasaga Beach Inc. with the goal of providing the highest quality tandem skydiving experience available anywhere along with the very BEST videos in the industry.


Skydive Wasaga Beach's certified instructors ensure your safety, and their great customer service and enthusiasm will make you want to come back for the thrill of your life, over and over again.


Highest Minimum Requirements in the COUNTRY

Your safety is our No. 1 concern

All our jumps meet the highest standards for safety. We use certified equipment, have our planes and gear checked by a third-party inspector, and require our staff to have the highest level of certification in tandem skydiving. We take your safety seriously. You can view all our certifications and licenses in our office at any time. Just ask, and we'll review them with you.

Your jump with us will be the experience of your life!

When you go for a skydiving adventure at Skydive Wasaga Beach you become part of our family and we want you to be happy with every part of the experience, from when you sign up to when you meet land again. It's our goal to make sure every moment is the thrill of a lifetime.

Test your limits - Skydiving is an extreme adventure, one that many people add to their "bucket lists." When you take a jump with us, we're helping you accomplish a goal -- whether it's overcoming a fear or taking an item off that list. We will help coach you to achieve your goal, and most importantly we'll keep you safe while doing it.






The Team


Looking for skydiving in Toronto, we are just over an hour away with things to keep you busy all day!