Looking for skydiving in Toronto, we are just over an hour away with things to keep you busy all day! 

The Rock Star Experience  $624.99 + HST

It's exactly as it sounds. We will send you off with your own private paparazzi that will be with you from minute one till the Grand Finale.  Every detail of your jump experience will be documented from cameras while under parachute to a wide angle view from your outside camera man. There will also be cameras waiting on the ground to capture your excitement as you finally reach the ground. With so many camera angles documenting your experience, we will be sure to always show your best side. This Rock Star option ensures that you will get the best quality footage of every phase of your skydive. (Freefall, and under parachute)  

Picture & Hand Cam Experience  $434.99 + HST

​Relive the thrill of your tandem experience over and over again. With the Hand Cam, you can obtain video footage of your parachuting experience, and receive dozens of high resolution photos. Your experience will be captured using two top of the line cameras, one for the photos and the other for the video.

(Get pictures and video within 72hours of your jump)

Tandem Skydive   $324.99 + HST

Experience the exhilaration of freefall. Following a thorough training session, you board an aircraft for the flight. Enjoy the views of Georgian Bay

as you exit the aircraft securely attached to your instructor, feel the wind in your face as you reach speeds of around 200KMPH during free fall.  

Once your parachute is deployed you will enjoy a few more minutes peacefully floating back to the landing area, taking in all the amazing scenery that this area has to offer!



Whether it's a grand opening, special event or just advertising, the team at Skydive Wasaga Beach can really get attention.  Our team of experienced exhibition skydivers will use flags, banners, smoke and sparklers to make sure that everyone in the area is focused on whatever you want them to be!